HydroBoost – Clean

Water Quality 

Easily installed on existing water lines, the technology has been shown to improve water quality. This is without the need of chemicals or additives which may have adverse effects on the environment and eco systems.

The HydroBoost – Clean technology has cleaned Irrigation Storage Ponds, and Effluent Ponds. In addition, the technology has cleaned waterways and cleaned Green Wash water.

The technology can reduce iron and manganese in a water supply.
Installation of a treatment unit improves the quality of the water, taking the red-brown water (high in iron) or black-brown water (high in manganese) to crystal clear, safe for use without the risk of staining.

In some cases, the technology can potentially unclog old line, extend the life expectancy of valves, pipes and spray equipment.

HydroBoost also treats dairy effluent ponds to reduce crusting and allow for free flow of effluent to paddocks.

For horticulture, (orchards and vineyards), the technology can potentially increase the size of produce and extend the shelf life of harvested product.

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