Better water, better pasture, better health

Hydro Boost increases grass growth by using a low frequency radio to energise water as it passes through the unit. The energised water increases nutrient uptake, water viscosity and enhances root system development in plants.

Hydro Boost stimulates the electrochemical activity of molecules, prevents the formation of scale and dissolves the minerals normally contained in water, allowing them to be absorbed more quickly.

In plants, it increases their natural immune system, enhancing the root activity and stimulating the process of photosynthesis, increasing the absorption of CO2 from the air.

Through regular use of Hydro Boost, pasture quality is improved, and growth is maintained during dry periods, while reducing the amount of irrigation required.

The benefits of Hydro Boost can be applied across three areas: pasture growth, water quality and animal health. Benefits include:

Stimulates plant growth by introducing an electrical charge to water as it passes through pivot irrigators , replicating the structure of rain water
Unclogs old water lines and extends the life expectancy of valves, pipes and spray equipment
Treats dairy effluent ponds to reduce crusting and allows for free flow of effluent to paddocks

Increases animals' natural immune systems, enhancing metabolism efficiency and consequently controlling the intestinal fermentation and reducing the production of methane and ammonia
Improve stock health by aiding animals' ability to gain more weight with less food


Hydroboost performance and application brochure

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