How it works

The core HydroBoost technology emulates the beneficial effects of rain water or snow melt. This water is also called Structured Water or 4th Dimensional Water as discovered by Dr Gerald Pollack from the Bio Engineering division of University of Washington. His research found a fourth phase of water with a molecular structure of H3O2 that acts like a battery, releasing energy to support healthy, vibrant plants. He has also published an easy to read book about Structured Water and explains it in a TED talk.

Water loses its charge when it comes out of the ground and is ‘lifeless’. Hydroboost has used the principles of a low frequency radio wave to recreate Structured Water, (H3O2) as it passes through the unit. This is the same type of water that generally falls from the sky. This means irrigated water (when fitted with a HydroBoost unit) is now more like rainwater and provides the benefits of natural rainfall.

The technology has been developed for NZ conditions over the last 10 years and successfully used on a number of farms and farming operations around the country.

Why is Structured Water important?

Structured Water is important to agriculture as it has similar energy and vitality as rainwater. The HydroBoost technology (when) installed on your irrigation system restore water’s negative charge making it more bioavailable to plants and soil microbes. With better water efficiency, soil biology activity is stimulated, plant health improves and less irrigated water is required.

Soil Moisture sensor data reveals pasture watered with HydroBoosted irrigation systems have reduced water consumption by 10% and as much as 30%, (further studies are being undertaken). This can be essential for consent compliance and meeting Justifiable Irrigation KPI’s.

How it works on Plants

While Soil Biology is often underrated, increasingly, farmers are starting to become aware of the importance of looking after the soils. HydroBoost stimulates Bacterial and Fungi growth in the soils which improve Nitrogen uptake and other nutrients, helps reduce pathogens and plant disease and enables improved growth reducing the need for synthetic fertilisers.

In plants, it enhances the root activity and stimulates the process of photosynthesis, increasing the absorption of CO2 and other nutrients from the air. Bacteria and soil fungi, (through regular use of HydroBoost), growth is maintained longer into dry periods, while reducing the amount of irrigation required. This also has a carry-on effect improving the shoulder season growth performance, i.e. enabling growth further into the autumn period and earlier in the spring growth.

With the improved Soil Biology, irrigated water is held in the root zone for longer. As well, the Soil Temperature variations are smoothed out allowing for longer growing periods.

While not just limited to plant growth, the HydroBoost technology is successfully being applied across three areas, (with Effluent soon to be added):

HydroBoost can be used for differing rural pastoral applications and conditions. In addition, the same technology can be used for industrial solutions, (manufacturing plants requiring clean water), 3 Waters and recreational parks.

The HydroBoost device is easily installed on existing water lines, with a range of sizes available to fit pipes from 40mm to 400mm in diameter.

The product has undergone thorough testing and trials, with results showing fast and continued improvement in the quality of organic growth. Results can potentially show as quickly as five to ten days after application begins.

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