How it works

HydroBoost increases pasture growth by using a low frequency radio to energise water as it passes through the unit. The energised water increases nutrient uptake, water viscosity and enhances root system development in plants. Hydro Boost stimulates the electrochemical activity of molecules, prevents the formation of scale and dissolves the minerals normally contained in water, allowing them to be absorbed more quickly into the ground.

In plants, it increases their natural immune system, enhancing the root activity and stimulating the process of photosynthesis, increasing the absorption of CO2 and other nutrients from the air. Bacteria and soil fungi, (through regular use of HydroBoost), growth is maintained longer into dry periods, while reducing the amount of irrigation required.
This also has a carry on effect improving the shoulder season performance, ie further into the autumn and earlier in the spring growth

While not just limited to grass growth, the HydroBoost technology can be applied across three areas:

Hydro Boost can be used for differing rural pastural applications and conditions. In addition, the same technology can be used for industrial solutions, (manufacturing plants requiring clean water), 3 Waters and recreational parks.

 The Hydro Boost device is easily installed on existing water lines, with a range of sizes available to fit pipes from 40mm to 300mm in diameter.

The product has undergone thorough testing and trials, with results showing fast and continued improvement in the quality of organic growth. Results can potentially show as quickly as five to ten days after application begins.

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