HydroBoost – Grow

Pasture Growth

HydroBoost – Grow is a proven solution to increase grass growth on both fertilised and unfertilised pasture.

Rain water is the carrier of electrical energy which, when discharged at ground level, stimulates plant growth. Plant growth from rain water is at a greater rate than irrigated water.

The HydroBoost – Grow unit introduces an electrical charge to water as it passes though irrigation units, replicating the structure of rain water. This significantly increases paddock yield, the efficacy of fertiliser and builds metabolic drought resilience in plants.

Hydro Boost has undertaken significant pasture trials in recent years. In one trial, energised water increased dry matter from 397kg/ha to 474kg/ha, as compared to untreated natural water.

Independent field trials have shown increases in Pasture Growth when using the HydroBoost -Grow technology. One such trial showed that when adjusted for the effect of soil phase on production, energised water produced 19% more pasture than non-energised .

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