About Us

HydroBoost is a New Zealand based company committed to providing products and solutions which help improve productivity in the agricultural sector, while  in harmony with the environment.

The business started when the founder, Michael Richards, (farmer in the Rakaia Gorge during the late seventies) was diagnosed with chemical poisoning through spraying. This affected his health, so Michael was forced to look at alternative fertiliser options. While investigating, he started applying less fertilizer and used natural products with energized water to further enhance growth. The initial result for his first client was a 21% increase in pasture growth.

The energized water product was further developed with a number of trials undertaken at farms throughout the South Island. The trials proved that Michael was on the right track and anecdotally, farmers provided postive feedback on the changes in their pasture or crops.

HydroBoost was formed and developed the product that is being used on a number of farms to increase growth, reduce disease, clean water ways in partnership with the land and empower farmers with solutions for sustainable agriculture.

Image of a graph from energised water trial autumn 2019 hydro boost new zealand

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