HydroBoost – Wellness

Stock Health

In animals, HydroBoost – Wellness increases their natural immune system, enhancing metabolism efficiency and consequently controlling the intestinal fermentation and reducing the production of methane and ammonia.

HydroBoost – Wellness can be used to improve stock health, with treated water aiding in the farm animals’ ability to gain more weight with less food and with less stock lost to disease.

Providing energised water to feeding troughs for weanling pigs has been proven to improve feed conversion rates and overall animal health..

“Prior to fitting a Hydro Boost to my water system in November 2015, it took seven days of watering to green up the polo fields. Immediately after installation I noticed the improvement and it continued to improve over the month. The stock health, which is always difficult in Canterbury over the winter, improved within six weeks.”

Mark Donald

Owner - Blue Springs Polo, Canterbury, New Zealand

In Taranaki, the HydroBoost technology was deployed to a Chicken farm. The owners were looking at ways to make small low cost improvements that would over a year, generate a bottom line lift. They used the technology with success to reduce mortality and lift production numbers.

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