Are Your Pivots Rusting Out?

Potentially Extend the life of your Pivot Irrigator Saving Thousands

A number of farmers are finding that instead of an expected 20 year life for a pivot, some of them are closer to 7 to 10 years due to contaminants in the water – mainly Iron and Manganese.
HydroBoost have a product which has been show to reduce Iron in bore water by 78% and Manganese by 25% over a period of two months.

The chart shows the Iron reduction over the two month period. While the Iron level is still above Guide Line values, the numbers are reducing steadily with the trend showing that an acceptable level could be obtained by the end of November.

Evidence from farmers in New Zealand shows that pivot irrigators do ‘clog’ up with rust build-up over time and this rust not only reduces the volume of water applied, but also damage the internal pipes reducing the life of the equipment. If a pivot lifespan can be extended by 1 to 3 years, this could represent a significant improvement in cash flow.

The HydroBoost technology has been shown to reduce the Iron content in water and at the same time clear pipes. By installing the HydroBoost technology, there could be improved water application, reduced maintenance costs and the life of a pivot irrigator could be extended.
When installed in water pipes, the water will initially turn to a brown milky colour as the sludge build-up is broken down and released into the paddock, but after time, (two to three months), generally we have seen the water start to clear.

Watch a short video clip from one of our customers on the Benefits of the HydroBoost Technology

78% Iron Reduction in two months

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