More Grass Growth

What Was the Problem?

With dry grounds, there was increased danger of drought – which is not a good look when playing the fine game. Horses damaging their legs during training and playing polo. If the fields were not green, then they would have been too hard to play on – effectively reducing income.

Mark had very limited irrigation water available and it took seven days for each sprinkler rotation. During the peak of the summer period, the Polo fields usually browned off.

How this was Solved?

This was HydroBoost’s first equine customer. Blue Springs were open to trying out the technology but wanted firm assurances that the solution would work.

A unit was installed on the pump, (30mm take) which served the household, some of the horse paddocks and 4 sprinklers across the polo fields.

What were the Benefits?

  • Shift irrigation to the next spot 2 days quicker – 5 days instead of 7
  • The grass was green quicker and it looked healthy
  • Reduced injuries to horses legs and corresponding reduction in veterinary expenses
  • Horses (approx 30 horses) drinking the HydroBoost water had an improved health over the horses not drinking the HydroBoost water
  • Generally, things seem to be better – quite remarkably better

“Definitely, absolutely a financial benefit – while horses are healthy and we are working them, and making money – there is a financial benefit. The more condition the horses carry, the less hard feed we have to carry. As well, the horses are much happier, the longer they can work. Seem to be happier within themselves. Don’t have a lot of issues with misbehaving”