Reduced Cell Count

What Was the Problem?

Hayden decided that he would test out the HydroBoost technology and installed a small bore unit in his Water tank. This supplied the shed and stock water on farm. It was working well, but there was  little too show in the way of significant results, until . . .

Hayden was manufacturing some EM organisms and inadvertently removed the power from the HydroBoost unit. Over a very short period of time, his Somatic cell count quickly started climbing. Hayden was very aware and quite concerned. This was confirmed via the printed receipt from the milk tanker over a period of three weeks, (steadily increasing) right up to the level of grading.
Hayden didn’t want a low grading – it was getting to the stage that he would have had to do something. 

How this was Solved?

While having a cup of coffee, he noticed the plug for the Hydroboost unit was out. He thought ‘Bugger’, and plugged it back in.

What were the Benefits?

Over a very short period of time, (3 days) in the words of the farmer; 

“The cell count dropped from over 100,000 to 200”.

By plugging the HydroBoost unit back in, Hayden reduced the potential loss of income through poor milk quality and loss of cows from his herd. The benefit to his herd [and bottom line] was healthier cows and a good grading.
In reflecting on his actions, he thought it was a damn good decision to have that cup of coffee.