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Trials have shown up to 19% increase in growth

In a recent article, Mark Laurence, DairyNZ’s lower North Island leader, said in part of the interview;

“But perhaps the biggest effect, and less noticeable to the eye, is the poor quality of pastures. Laurence says while pastures may look good, the reality is the lack of sunshine has reduced the quality and nutritional value of the grass”. 

Farmers and growers have an important role to play in protecting the environment. Many of us actually fortget that farmers have a vested interest in looking after their land. If they don’t, their production falls off and they don’t make any returns. quality of our rural waterways. Stock access, soil erosion, overuse of fertiliser, and nutrients from animal waste are a challenge to manage. It can seem difficult to find the right toolset to help mitigate some of the harmful environmental effects.

One solution, to help solve this problem, has been undergoing trials and is being used by a number of farmers throughout New Zealand, across varying farming types with positive outcomes. A five year field trial investigating the effect of energizing irrigation water commenced in December 2016 at Shortlands Station, Kyeburn, Central Otago.

The result was quiet surprising – a 19% increase in grass growth. This was on pasture that had not been worked since 1962 nor had any fertilisers applied, (effectively the ground was untainted). This figure was unexpected.

Effectively the Hydroboost technology (developed in New Zealand by a Kiwi farmer) energises applied water by creating extra electrons to the skin around a droplet of water thus creating H3O2 (ref Dr Gerald H Pollack, Ph.D – 4th dimension of water). This helps stimulate microbiological activity in the soils increasing the update by plants of carbon, moisture and other debris in the soils.
In one of HydroBoosts trials, grass growth improved 19% compared with grass been grown without the benefit of the HydroBoost technology. As well, the brix level increased in another trial.

Watch a video on the Water Efficiency gains for a Waimakariri Farmer

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