Farm Under before Farming Over

Make the bugs work harder for you!

Soil is home to a complex assemblage of organisms that interact to significantly impact both above and below ground processes (Hooper et al. 2000). The soil food web is the community of organisms living all or part of their lives in the soil. Soil-dwelling organisms play key roles in soil function, providing the foundation for such critical processes as soil structure development, decomposition and nutrient cycling, bio-remediation, and promotion of plant health and diversity (Coleman et al. 2004). Soil organic matter is the base resource that supplies energy and nutrients used by plants and other organisms. Soil organic matter includes all the organic substances in or on the soil, including plant- and animal-derived material, in various stages of decay.

Tiological sources within the soil can provide up to 80% of total nitrogen requirement of crops when conditions are optimised. Soil organic matter has declined significantly in many soils since they were cultivated for cropping – consequently these soils may be less able to supply nutrients to meet plant demand through microbial activity

High levels of organic carbon help to maintain agricultural production through its positive role in maintaining soil health. In fact, in 1 gram, (lass than half a teaspoon) of soil, there is potentially over 100,000 different species and greater than10 million different individual organisms.

So how do we enhance our ‘unpaid’ field workers – the micro-organisms in the soil and stimulate their activity?

HydroBoost have developed a new technology that energises water for irrigation application. The energised water stimulates the micro-organisms (unpaid workers) activity in the ground, fostering the soils development. Once the soils are right, then the plants can flourish.

In summary, start farming under the ground, get the bugs humming, then start farming above.

Watch a farmer share his experiences around reducing Soil Moisture and Temperature variations using HydroBoost.

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